Christian Formation 

CONFIRMATION: Confirmation classes are held on every Saturday and are conducted by the clergy, assisted by a catechist. The classes run for four months. To see a schedule of topics discussed.

CHURCH TEACHING: We are offering each Sunday an opportunity for parishioners to come and learn through discussion and mutual discovery the teaching of the church on doctrinal and social matters. Through a series of lectures it is hoped that parishioners and visitors would mature theologically and spiritually. Each lecture every Sunday at 5pm would be preceded by choral evensong.

BIBLE STUDY: On every Friday at 5:00pm, in the St. Andrew’s Chapel, Bible study is held as a way of enriching parishioners understanding of the Bible on various topics. For a schedule of topics, click here.

VIGILS: Every second Friday of every month, commencing at 9:00pm to the following morning a prayer vigil or (intercessory) tarry is held in the St. Andrew’s Chapel as a means of upholding the clergy, Cathedral’s family and the nation. Different organizations within the Cathedral organize the vigils, in turn.