The Cathedral is governed by a Chapter, chaired by the Diocesan Bishop. The operations of the Cathedral is administered by the Dean. The Cathedral Chapter whose membership may not exceed twenty lay communicants of the Diocese, has several committees with distinct responsibilities. The Bishop and the Dean are members ex officio. Members of the Chapter are:


Vivien C. Jones
Fatu W. Yancy
Eyvonne B. Harding
D. Franklyn Johnson II
F. Dadeh Harper
Judy Diggs
Franklin Cassell
Melita Gardiner
Lyndon Mabande
George Jallah
Joyce Woods
Ven Ernesty T. Johnson
Ven Elijah Harris
Ven Victor M. King
Ven Thomas H. Williams
Elizabeth Mulbah(Hon)
Jonathan Mason (Hon)
Anthony Deline(Hon)
George Wallace(Hon)


The Executive Committee: Exercises the usual functions and duties vested in vestries and parishes, and comprises six lay communicants of the Parish. Currently serving are :

1. Vivien C. Jones

2. Fatu Yancy

3. Eyvonne B. Harding

4. D. Franklyn Johnson II

5. F.Dadeh Harper

6. Judy Diggs


The Budget and Finance Committee: Exercises oversight of all financial operation of the Cathedral and prepares an annual budget for requisite approval. Currently serving are:

1. F. Dadeh Harper

2. Juanita M. Neal

3. Cora Peabody

4. Ephraim B. Seville

6. Joyce Woods

The Buildings and Grounds Committee: Exercises oversight of all buildings of the Cathedral, including care for the fabric of the edifice, estates, and fixed assets. Currently serving are;

1. Jeff Bernard

2. Monique Cooper

3. George Haddad

4. Joseph Merchant

5. W. Taylor Neal

6. Reginald Pratt